As a company specialized in tactical medicine and urban survival solutions, it is our mission to provide training for all those working in dangerous areas.

We offer courses for the private and governmental sector.

If you would like to order or host one of our courses, or you want a course tailored to your specific needs, please contact us. Most of our courses can be held at your own location troughout Europe. However, we do have facillities in Belgium. Please keep an eye on our social media (FB and IG) for courses with open enrolment.

Trainer's Program

Course offer:

Tactical medicine:

  • Stop the bleed B – con (3.5h)
  • Tecc basic (1 day)
  • Tecc operator (2 days)
  • Tccc  basic (1 day) *
  • Tccc operator (2 days)*
  • Terror awareness (3.5h)
  • Scenario training
  • Tactical rope rescue
  • Tactical heavy rescue

First aid:

  • Basic life support and AED
  • Pediatric life support
  • O2 provider
  • Advanced O2 provider
  • Basic first aid training
  • Wilderness first aid

Specialist technical courses:

  • MOE: method of entry (1 day) **
  • MCT motorised cutting tools (1 day) **
  • Halligan tool (1 day)**
  • Rope rescue
  • Heavy rescue (working with hydraulic cutters)

Urban survival:

  • coming soon

*courses  for law enforcement, military and armed security personel (pmc, cpo)

** courses for authorities only

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